Knowing What CPA Review Courses to Pick

So you’ve obtained your accounting degree, good for you. Now, try not to get too complacent and miss some important career opportunities simply because you have trouble deciding whether to take the CPA exam or not. Essentially, the exam is a 4-part qualifying test to become licensed as certified public accountants (CPAs). To prepare for the exam, you can find numerous options to use in studying and plenty of CPA review providers supply various products, courses or programs that can help you.

Question is, Should you enroll in a CPA review course? Well, each course has its credits and deciding which program to pick may highly depend on the course plan and your needs. For instance, if you’re a visual learner, an online interactive review course may be what you need or perhaps getting a study guide from Gleim or Becker may work for you.

Basically, enrolling in a CPA review course isn’t something to take lightly or a choice to make quickly since there are several things to consider first. One, you have to think about the program’s coursework, whether it has a focused study plan or not, updated materials, effective exam strategies, online support materials, and simulated exams. Also, it’s sensible to know if the course offers assistance in applying for the exam and follow-up counseling. Another thing, these review courses typically cost thousands of dollars so it’s best to get a program that’s right for you. In the end, take time to evaluate your choices, comparing one from another and checking feedbacks from previous learners. This can easily be done by exploring different online CPA course-related sites, choosing from among these top review courses such as the Becker CPA review, the Bisk course, the Gleim, Wiley, Lambers or the Kaplan course. You can even use more than one approach and that may involve supplementing live courses with software and visual guides to get the most instruction.